Robotic Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages

Mrs. Sharp’s Math classes used LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 robots to practice measurement, decimals, and fractions.  Using the EV3 robot and a touch sensor, each group of students entered a fraction into the robot. Then they converted the fraction into a decimal and a percentage using hand calculations.  The EV3 helped them double check their work. Then, the robot moved forward.  The group measured and recorded the distance it moved. Students learned that the distance moved is a fraction of the full distance, based on the fraction that they input. For instance, if they input ½, the robot moved half of the original distance. Using this information, students worked backwards to compute the full distance. Groups then were challenged to move the robot as close as possible to a target distance by inputting a fraction into the EV3 bot. Four different challenges of increasing difficulty were available for the students to try. Most students completed 2 within the hour, but the group of girls below were able to  master all four!



The kids had a blast with this lesson and were fully engaged.  They really had to think about fractions in a real sense, and that they have to draw on their understanding to figure out the challenges.

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