MakerTeam 2018

Virtual Reality Project


Michael and Fuller are Makerspace Mentors, and have been working in the Oak Grove Makerspace for the last three years. Michael’s brother, Matthew, is teaming up with them, and the three boys are working on a VR experience using CoSpaces.

CoSpaces Edu 

img_8885 img_8884

Flash Glove


Hayden is a Makerspace Mentor and has been working in the Oak Grove Makerspace for the past three years. He has created gloves using Circuit Playground Express boards. He has coded them using Make Code to do different things depending on how he holds his hands.

Make Code (with Adafruit Circuit Playground Express)

img_8083 img_8082

Wizment Game


Jack is working on a wand video game using Scratch and Makey Makey. He hopes to have a physical wand that can create spells on a screen.


Makey Makey



Writing Robert the Robot

 Camilla, Charlotte, and Mary Grace have been working on a robot that will write!

img_8883 img_8881 29594716_1986609618029040_1410512042914895642_n IMG_9161 IMG_9162

They will be teaching others how to make these robots too!

Dash Dancers

 Cohen has programmed a synchronized dancing robot troupe using Dash Robots.