Makerspace Intro with Mrs. Glowczynski’s Class

First Grade visited the Makerspace last week.  The were introduced to some of the activities available in the Makerspace:

Car/Marble Runs

Car/Marble Runs – Hot Wheels track building for cars and marbles. In this center, students explore engineering skills as well as force and motion.

Creating Catapults

Creating Catapults – Students are challenged to build a machine to launch a puff ball using a variety of low-tech materials. Iteration is important here!

Marble Maze

Q-ba Marble Maze- Students design marble mazes that will allow a marble to travel through. Today they explored how these worked. Great for engineering skills.


Cubelets – Students used simple robotic cubes to learn about input and output. They can build different robots by putting different blocks together.



Makey Makey

Makey Makey — Makey Makey explores both circuits and conductivity. Students use different materials to design a game controller…then use it to play the piano!


Students had a great time!  When they were done, they wrote about what they learned.    Cubelets were the favorite, with Race Tracks and Makey Makey also getting votes.   Take a look at some of the pictures below:

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