Sound in the Makerspace

Sounds in 5th Grade explored sound in the MakerSpace using a variety of instruments, technology, and materials.


Students explored the Sounds Uncovered app by the Exploritorium to learn about some audio illusions and sound in everyday life.


Mr. Lee brought in his keyboard and synthesizer so students could explore sound waves in FL Studio.


Students created their own musical instruments and studied the sound waves they made using the Oscillo app.


Students used instruments (in GarageBand, from the music room, and ones they made) and the app Oscillo to study the frequency, pitch, and amplitude of sound.


Did you know that as you get older, you lose the ability to hear certain frequencies? Students used the apps Ear Age Test and Frequencies to see what sounds they could hear.


By using the Keyboard, Oscillator, and Speaker Little Bits, students were able to create musical instruments (that sounded a little extraterrestrial) and explore frequency, pitch, and amplitude. 

Check out the Makerspace Centers and Reflection Sheet Here.

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