Invent Anything (with LittleBits) Summer MakerCamp

Rising 2nd-5th Graders particiapted in the Invent Anything (with littleBits) workshop.  As soon as I handed them a few LittleBits, they immediately started creating.  Here are a few of their beginning inventions.

About an hour into the six hour, 2 day workshop, the kids decided to make a city.  They immediately started scheming and building.  They were so excited, I couldn’t even get them to stop for snack. When I finally got them outside for a brain break, they begged to come back in early to keep working!

Here is a video of their final creation, a city called “Town,” complete with music and lights (to attract people of course)…some of which could be remotely triggered using a wireless transmitter and receiver. There’s a giant pool, jail, market, working drawbridge, lake, light house, music shop, hospital, and more. They even created a sewer system which I forgot to film. So impressed with their creativity!

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